Great works for smaller stages - face to face -authentic -passionate

Boxopera will tell you stories. People have always loved stories - the art of storytelling has been in human memory for over 4000 years, and will continue to thrive as long as we still populate the earth. Boxopera wishes to continue this tradition.


The great works if the Italian, French and German classical composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Bizet and Weber are loaded with the historical and literary contexts of their times, yet simultaneously remain insistently and universally human.


These tales will be told without the barrier of an orchestra pit - you will sit face to face with the touching, witty and sometimes tragic characters of the opera, bringing you closer to the core of the tale in the process.

You will find us in Theatres, cellar-stages, concert halls, palaces and churches: as our singers are used to performing on large and small stages, as a company we are very adaptable to the venues. As the performers have good relationships with each other, more so the excellent on-stage chemistry that they share allows them to have excellent improvisational skills. Therefore, no lengthy rehearsal times are needed for the singers to feel secure in the venue in question. Nor will there be a need for an extensive list of props, costumes and sets: we will bring what we need!



And thus: a fresh and innovative piece of opera is created!